• Trauma is Everybody's Business

    Traumatic experiences affect most people at some stage in life, yet we often won’t know about people’s experiences, and the impact of trauma is unique to each of us. By taking a trauma-informed approach we can use universal principles to help us to recognise the impact trauma may be having on the people we aim to work with and respond in a way that supports recovery and does not cause further harm.

  • Adversity is not destiny

    Although many of us will experience some form of traumatic event in the course of our lives, the majority of people will recover well, through supportive, positive relationships with family, friends, colleagues, people in their community, service professionals, and in some cases also receiving clinical psychological interventions or therapy.

91% of women

91% of women in Scottish prisons report both childhood and adulthood trauma, 51% reported they had been sexually abused. (Karatzias et al, 2017).

1 in 7 adults

1 in 7 Scottish adults report experiencing four or more adverse events (including traumatic experiences such as emotional, physical, and sexual abuse) before age 18 (Scottish Health Survey, 2019)

Our Vision is for a trauma informed workforce and services across Scotland, capable of recognising where people are affected by trauma and adversity, that is able to respond in ways that prevent further harm and support recovery, and can address inequalities and improve life chances

National Trauma Transformation Programme

What level of Knowledge and Skills do I need?

Most of the Scottish population and workforce will require a Trauma Informed level of practice. Our resources at this level support the knowledge and skills that we all need to ensure that we don’t unwittingly cause further harm or increase barriers for anyone we come into contact with who may be affected by trauma.

Click here to find out what Skills level you may require.

How can my service or organisation become more trauma- informed and responsive?

Our Roadmap for Creating Trauma-Informed and Responsive Change is designed to help services and organisations identify and reflect on progress, strengths and opportunities for embedding a trauma-informed and responsive approach across policy and practice. Find out more here.

  • Leadership Pledge of Support

    Over 70 organisations from across Scotland have pledged their ongoing commitment to embedding trauma informed principles and practice in Scotland to support anyone affected by psychological trauma.

  • Are you looking for help for recovery from the impact of trauma?

    If you are currently struggling with the impact of a traumatic event or events, we have listed some national support organisations who may be able to help.