Leadership Pledge of Support

The following organisations have pledged their ongoing commitment to embedding trauma informed principles and practice in Scotland to support anyone affected by psychological trauma. Find out how you can sign the Leadership Pledge of Support below.

Pledge Signatories in Scotland

Signatories to this pledge agree to:

  • Work with others to put trauma-informed and responsive practice in place across our workforce and services.
  • Deliver services that wherever possible are actively informed by people with lived experience of trauma.
  • Recognise the central importance of relationships that offer collaboration, choice, empowerment, safety and trust as part of a trauma-informed approach.
  • Respond in ways that prevent further harm, and that reduce barriers so that people affected by trauma have equal access to the services they need, when they need it, to support their own journey of recovery.

Partnered with

  • Scottish Government

    The Scottish Government is committed to working with partners to facilitate a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive workforce and services across Scotland to support anyone affected by psychological trauma. Since 2018, we have invested over £9.6 million in the National Trauma Transformation Programme.
  • Cosla

    As we build back stronger we must ensure that our services are accessible and available to everyone. That no-one feels shamed in using them and that we develop trust that is meaningful and lasting.
  • Police Scotland

    Police Scotland is committed to supporting our communities, especially those identified as being vulnerable and at risk. We do this in our daily working practices, liaising closely with national & local partners.
  • NHS 24

    At NHS 24 we are delighted to share our commitment to our workforce and the people of Scotland. We will continue to embrace the value of Trauma Informed practice in our everyday behaviours.
  • Social Work Scotland

    Social Work Scotland are absolutely committed of the leadership pledge for trauma informed practice.
  • Violence Reduction Unit

    The Scottish Violence Reduction Unit recognises the impact that Traumatic Events and Adverse Childhood Experiences play in perpetuating violence and abuse, limiting life choices and achieving positive outcomes for individuals within Communities and Society in general.
  • Social Security Scotland

    Social Security Scotland is an Executive Agency of the Scottish Government. We administer benefits on behalf of the Scottish Government. These benefits will be introduced in stages. Once all of these have been introduced, we will be delivering benefits for families on low incomes, people who need help paying for a funeral, disabled people, carers, young people entering the workplace and to help people heat their homes.
  • ADES

    ADES pledge our support to being trauma informed and responsive. Nurturing relationships with skilled adults and collaborative leadership are crucial in ensuring the best possible trauma and adversity informed responses for all our children and young people.
  • Barnardo’s

    Barnardo’s Scotland has made an organisational commitment to being a trauma-responsive organisation and we have been working hard over the last couple of years to ensure an understanding of trauma-informed practice underpins all of our work with children, young people and families. We are currently in the process of aligning our trauma training and standards with the National Trauma Training Framework (NTTF).
  • Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service

    The importance of being alive to the needs of all our service users lies at the heart of the Scottish Courts and Tribunal Service ethos.  We understand people coming into our buildings to give evidence or to serve as jurors often do so with a degree of nervousness.  Our ambition is to make that process as comfortable as possible.   
  • Who Cares? Scotland

    At Who Cares? Scotland our staff and volunteers hold meaningful and transformative relationships with people, some of whom have experienced trauma. Some of our staff and volunteers, as with the rest of the general population, will also have had their own experiences of trauma.
  • Rape Crisis Scotland

    The Rape Crisis movement in Scotland is committed to working towards a Scotland which understands the importance and power of being trauma informed.